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  • Thu, 12:16: Someone sold the St.Mephisto Cathedrale JSK in Iris for $400 O_O and I just sold mine for only $300 in black.
  • Thu, 20:01: Physics class is like a battlefield. Everyone is racing for the answer key. There was even a cry from the front row: ATTACK!!
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Teaopia vs David's Tea

So I finally decided to stock up some tea from Teaopia since they were having a promotion of 25% off all purpose if you "Like" their facebook page. But after visiting there, I think I might just need another 25% off coupon just to buy their tea again. Or if I see a tea that really catches my eyes.

Teaopia has a minimum purchase of 50g per tea. Which I feel it really restricts a person who's new to the tea world to purchase anything. What if they didn't like the tea that they brought? What are you going to do with the rest of them?

David's Tea however, allows you to choose however many grams of tea you want to sample. I usually buys about 25g, about 8-10 cups of tea. Plus, I also found out that if I didn't like the tea that I brought, I can return it. Very odd since I've opened the packages so I don't think they'll sell it back. I'm not sure if I've heard it wrong though. But I think they use it for customers to smell their product.

Teaopia is... friendly. But I could still feel there's a wall between us. It felt like they were forced to be friendly with the customer. But I had only been there once so maybe they were having a bad day?

David's Tea is like WOW. A good WOW. I've been there three times. But the energy from each and every staff (that served me) there were always always, full of enthusiasm. Very energetic about their tea. Very friendly and welcoming. It makes me to want to work there. (I might, someday) And they would give you a whole bunch of teas for you to smell!

One little neat thing between Teaopia and David's Tea is that Teaopia stores their tea in a (most likely air tight) tin jar where as David's Tea has two compartments: a top compartment where it is regularly opened, several times a day, for customers to take a sniff at the teas and another compartment where the rest of the tea is stored. This way, the tea is kept fresh and dry (incase the customer starts salivating).

Something that Teaopia disappoints me is their packaging. It's basically just a paper bag that is not air tight, their only purpose is to keep the tea from escaping, which it failed to do because I ended having bits of tea in my bag. So you'll most likely need to buy an air tight jar to keep your tea fresh.

David's Tea has this neat little silver, zip lock bag that prevents tea from getting out and air from getting in. Plus, if you buy more than 100g, they'll give you a tin can! How neat is that?

Teaopia has a more traditional style tea. So if you're looking for just some traditional Genmaicha, this shop is for you. Plus, they have some wellness teas like Sleep well, Slim and Slender, Cleansing, Calming...

David's Tea are a bit more on the fun, modern side.

Teaopia: Creamed Earl Grey, Peaches and Cream

David's Tea: Love Tea #7, Organic Hot Toboggan, Happy Kombucha, Green & Fruity, Coffee Pu'erh

Teaopia: Caramellissimo, Strawberry Shortcake

David's Tea: Organic Cream of Earl Grey, Mom's Apple Pie
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Review - WINGS (Part II)

1162 Granville Street
Vancoouver, BC V6Z 1L8
Website - htto://

Lunch or Dinner


Creamy artichocke and spinach dip served with our tricolour tortilla chips and mini ciabatta toasts
The dip was so good! Nice and HOT~ Like really hot!

Stuffed with bacon bits, green onions and melted cheese & sour cream
They don't need dip for this, it already has a lot of flavours in it.

Crisp and sweet, served with red pepper aioli
The dip for this is a little spicy, but it was pretty good. Nothing too special.


It's hard to tell the difference between the wings though, you don't know what you're eating. From what I could taste, we had Honey Garlic, Greek, Texas Dry Rub, Outback Cajun Barbegue, Sweet Thai (although they didn't have the hot pepper sign, it is a little spicy), and Bombay Pineapple. I'm sure there's more but I couldn't tell the difference.

I wish they could've used a toothpick with labels on them saying which is which. We actually got a plate of wings from another group.


absolut mandarin, blackberry liquer, blue curacao, fruit juice
I took a mouth full of this and it's nothing. We asked and this is an extremely light drink. So light that you can't even taste the alcohol in it. As *// j'T said: It's like watered-down fruit punch.

Out of 10
Taste? Couldn't really tell the difference betweenthe flavours. It's like they just dump the wings on the plate and served it. I wanted to try a bit of every flavour that I ordered and I couldn't. They need something to show people what they are eating  7
Atmosphere? We went during a game night. Very crowded. The atmosphere was awesome. It made someone like me, who had no interest in watching any types of sprots whatsoever, enjoy my time there. - 10
Service? We were a big group (16 people) but we split, so she did have some tiny tiny problem with our orders (like some mixups). But she was still so very patient and explained to us about the 39cents deal and separated our bill for each person. She also down well entertaining the customers (us) - 10
Location? it was raining. But it was still fine - 10
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Review - WINGS

1162 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z1L8
Website -

Lunch or Dinner

Atmosphere - I'm glad that it wasn't so dark that you would have to use a flashlight to look at the menu. It has a sports bar like feel to it (cause it is). But it was strange that it's attached to a hotel. The washroom is between it.

There were just 5 of us so the sitting was comfortable but I wish they have hooks for jackets, especially during winter season.

They have a metal tin bucket to throw away the bones afterwards. So no worries about having your plates lost in a piles of bones! They also provided wet and dry napkins to wipe your hands afterwards but I think we need more than one wet napkin.

Although I didn't order any drinks, I took a sip or two of the 

151 Bellini
(appleton’s 151 rum, peach schnapps, champagne, frozen) - $4.00? 
It was really good. Cool, light and refreshing. It was also a hot day inside the restaurant so this drink was perfect. 

Especially when the wings (and drumsticks) were very strongly flavoured.

1 lb: $7.69
2 lb: $14.39
3 lb: $22.09
4 lb: $27.79
5 lb: $33.49

We first ordered the Malaysian Orange Ginger (Most commonly munched on in the shadow of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lampurand) [Top] and Mesquite Bear Barbecue (From the Kootenays, very territorial... don’t make a sound). [Bottom]
The flavours were so intense! I couldn't really tell the difference between the flavours. They kinda taste the same.

We then ordered the Tora, Tora, Tora, Tokyo (A Harajuku favourite. Loaded with flavour and flair. Tossed with sesame seeds) [Top]
I love teriyaki sauce. I recommend this to anyone who loves teriyaki sauce, you would definitely enjoy this. Bonus points for the sesame seeds! 

Honey Garlic (By now, it’s a classic) [Left]
What they said! Of course, everyone went in for the dive at the Honey Garlic, I mean - who wouldn't? This is a must for every order!

and Greek (Seasoned with authentic Greek seasonings for a nice crunch). [Right]
The only dry WINGS we order. Taste surprisingly well, I didn't think I would like it this much.

Out of 10
Taste? Have to take some points away from the Ginger and the Barbecue. Ordering just one of them is enough - 8
Atmosphere? Great place when it's a game night + no loud music where you have to yell to the person next to you + good lighting - 10
Service? Good service, friendly and attentive in the beginning but sometimes, they just can't seem to hear you - 9
Location? A short walk from the Canada Line - Yaletown Station - 10
Overall? POSITIVE.

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Anime Evolution 2010

Went to my first time at the Masquerade Ball =D

For my first time, it was just awesome. Except, I didn't like how when they teach us to dance, not everyone can see them... Made a lot of friends this year at AE. Arash was such a good dancer.

Day 1 at AE.

We didn't pre-reg since I wasn't sure if my exams were before or after. Thank god it was before. And Evelyn came~ 

In the beginning, it was windy and kinda cold since it was almost 9 in the morning and we were lining up in the shade area. But when we were hit by the sun light, we were dying under the sun. I wish I brought my umbrella. We lined up for 3 hours.

$55CAD down the drain.

Basically, we just wander around the Artist Alley, taking pictures here and there. Avoiding the sun and hitting the shades. UBC should have A/C!

Our first panel was 'So You Want To Be In SOLDIER?' but left halfway since Anime Idol is almost on and Evelyn (and I) got dragged down because they needed a co-host. Evelyn did the co-hosting for all 3 days and I did the supporting. But it was really fun.

I'm really really happy that Karmon won Anime Idol. I love her style of singing. I was even happier when she eventually decided to use the mic instead of the headset on the final day.

I missed the Lolita Fashion Show on that day too.

Day 2.

Woke up early again since Anime Idol Rehearsal starts at 9 in the morning. Too lazy to do make up (and because I woke up late). Evelyn was in her Yuna cosplay (I love love her outfit)

Anime Idol is right after the rehearsal.

Went to Cosplay Cafe. It was hot inside. The food was okay. It's like a normal cafe with cosplay.

Went to the Rose Garden and saw people filming some cheerleaders. Either a movie or TV show. Stayed in the shade until the Final Fantasy Fight Tournament. Too bad the Avatar group didn't win. They were the best. They were awesome. Like WOW. All those stunts.

Saw one of my co-host from Guu. They were doing a dance in the middle of the UBC field.

Day 3.

Woke up early and did my make up. It was really easy to do my makeup today (for some odd reason)

Anime Idol rehearsal is at 11 this time. Right after, we stayed at the Worst Cosplay Contest. Which by the way was awesome and hilarious. The mic stand should've won the contest. xDD

Went to get some pizza.

Cosplay Chess was really boring and when lining up for the FF Fight Tournament, I saw creeper and his sidekick. OMG


Like WOW.

And I think he saw me too. I tried to avoid his stare though. Ignore. Ignore.


Not as great as the first tournament...

Went to the dealer's room and saw one of my co-workers from Daiso and she's also the one who sells lolita items *___* YES!

Apparently, she was nana_jun 

B and his friends wanted to go eat at the Pub; unfortunately, Evelyn and I aren't illegal yet. x_x

But we end up not eating since Evelyn had to go to the Closing Ceremonies/Final day of Anime Idol. 15 minutes before it starts, The line up was huge~

The Idols just chatted, they were really nice.

Rushed out to get pizza and apple juice for Evelyn and myself since we were so dehydrated and I was really hungry. I was almost locked out when I came back. Luckly, one of the volunteers pointed out that I was with the Idols so I was able to get it. I felt kinda bad since I really had nothing to do with the idol but I did came and support everyone of them during each rehearsal and competition.

In the end of everything, Karmon won the Anime Idol 2010!

Finally,,, relaxation time.

Evelyn was an awesome co-host. She got flowers too~

During all 3 days of the con, we were literally dying in the heat.

I'm thinking of going to Kumori-Con in Portland. But I don't think I'm going to pay since I'm only going there to look around for an hour or two. Totally not worth $30USD for just hanging around. I'm not even going to the panels there. It should be alright?

I really want to cosplay there though. I have the black piece of Lacus Clyne's commander yukata ready. I just need to find a wig.

Too bad Evelyn couldn't go with me since she had to take her wisdom tooth out that weekend.